What is the purpose behind releasing yet another memoir out into the wild? We are all unique, how do I feel I am bringing Value to you in writing this volume?

I hail from humble beginnings. I claim no worldly success. I cannot predict that you will be inspired, or even encouraged, by my words. As in all things, I am driven to write by my Inner Spark. This is from Her and for Her (the Divine), as my entire life is to be. I intend to focus on Love in this work, specifically the Love between a simple, ordinary man & his Beloved (the Divine).

My life has been a series of fascinating, traumatic & miraculous events. I will draw upon my experiences to paint how the Divine has blessed me personally, and to share a glimpse into Her ways from one familiar with them.

Why have I done differently (than most)? I am not alone in this, there are many unknown individuals who follow these paths, all around the world. In a sense, I am 'taking the bullet' as it were, by coming public with as much of my mystical journey as I feel guided to share. Certainly there are topics that I will hint towards, preferring to discuss privately with those who seek more information on them. Mysticism leaves the traditional boundaries of our perceived world, not all are well-prepared to handle these aspects at present.

My life story is one of Love, Surrender & Detachment from desires. So many people have forgotten who they Truly are. I am grateful to have always been graced with the Divine Presence (as we all are), and to have experienced a mere few instances of sensing a severed connection with Her glory. Dark Nights of the Soul are not uncommon on our Path, but the Light always returns. I have always known my purpose in life, the unknown has always been the 'How(s)', not the 'What' or 'Why'. I came here (to this time & place) to Be Love, to share Divine Love with all who need/desire it. I have loved many people who could/can not love themselves, and finally have learned to love the hardest one of them all: Myself.

I will write much on what this Love looks like in action. I am no scholar of Divine Love, but a passionate devotee, an apprentice to the Master of Love. I seek no answers. That time is in my past. I simply seek opportunities to serve my Beloved. In all experiences, we have a choice of embracing Her Will or bracing ourselves against 'the worst', which is in fact our own creation. We all complain, worry and fear (until One is a 'buddha', an 'immortal', etc), what we do not realize is the great extent of this situation. It is so hard to quiet our inner discord. The Divine gives us amazing gifts, yet so quickly we begin demanding more. Her bounty is endless, She desires to give us everything our True Heart's desire. We ourselves hamper this by leaving the safety zone of overwhelming gratitude. We have our own individual inclinations & specific issues with this, and I will share my own experiences & shortcomings.

As many on the mystical path, I attempted to throw myself into the spiritual, while wholly neglecting my physical & emotional bodies. I felt that I must make every aspect of my life as challenging as possible, in order to fully master being Loving. I no longer feel this is necessary. What I see others heading down this road, I am compelled to share the Wisdom of Self-Compassion. I ended up pushing my life too far, paying for it for many years, and now work to show my bodies the Love they deserve. While one can become quite Loving to others through denying one's own desires, I found this to be a greatly imbalancing approach. If you do nothing for yourself, you cannot fully Love anyone else.

I have learned to treat my body with care, Love & compassion. I do this to further my spiritual life, make no mistake. Baths, quality food, adequate sleep, pleasant relationships, etc all greatly aid & ease spiritual practices. If the body is not happy, you will only get so far on your mystical journey. I speak as one well experienced in this Truth. When metaphysical & 'magical' elements begin to appear, if you have not prepared your body, you'll need to go back and do so. It cannot be ignored or skipped. There will be an accelerated healing, spontaneous abilities, yes, but these things will all drive you to assist Her in healing your body. That what I have learned, the Wisdom I share, personally gleaned from generations of mystics now long past. No need to repeat my mistakes and/or challenges.