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What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is not Excitement, which is rather the Fear of loss.  Gratitude is not a purely mental, nor purely emotional state.  One may 'feel grateful', yet behave ungratefully towards others and the Divine Principle.  One can also say 'thank you' while not feeling grateful deep in one's bones.  Behavior, as

I Met a Man in Leadville...

I met a man in Leadville (Colorado).  Two men, actually.  I met a self-described spiritual teacher, who failed to recognize my spiritual path, and I met a shining Being, living as a direct conduit for his Higher Self.  One informed me that he could teach me the meaning of my

Essential Spiritual Concepts & Terms - Part One

The moment one cracks a book on Alchemy, spirituality, metaphysics, symbolism, shamanism, meditation, etc, of any tradition, creed or persuasion, they are faced with a veritable summit of confusing and, at times, seemingly conflicting concepts, terms, ideas & vocabulary.  As a writer on these topics myself, I am not innocent
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